About Mavis

Mavis is a leading tire retailer with over 800 locations in the US, offering a wide range of tire brands for cars, trucks and SUVs, along with affordable tire services and excellent customer service from knowledgeable technicians. 

Why they hired us

Mavis was seeking to rebrand and move their domain from mavistire.com to mavis.com. They wanted to use the expertise of Local SEO Guide to provide consulting and guidance to retain organic revenue as they went through this transition.

What we did

Mavis trusted LSG to perform keyword research to aid their expansion, perform a competitive analysis to identify keyword gaps, develop a local content strategy, and project manage SEO initiatives with outside designers, investors, and their internal teams to address potential issues.

Local SEO Guide provided a data-backed strategy and the resources to implement across three key areas:

1. SEO Consulting

The migration consulting largely consisted of redirect mapping, updating in-code links as well as updating Google entities (e.g. Knowledge Panels, Google Business Profiles, etc.)

Additionally, we provided a pre-Release QA and post-Release QA/Troubleshooting. We also made custom dashboards for monitoring SEO KPIs daily to confirm the site was performing as expected. Furthermore LSG provided consulting with providing feedback on the redesign of the site to ensure SEO best practices were implemented.

2. SEO Content Strategy

LSG crafted a content strategy for local content to ensure more than just a successful migration but also growth in target markets and priority queries.
We also created fresh content to draw in more organic search users by building out their resource hub the “learning center.”

Additionally, LSG provided editorial content support with content briefs as well as refreshing existing content.

3. SEO Project Management

LSG served as SEO project manager and updated 800+ Google Business Profiles & local citations. With over 800 locations, this was a vital aspect of their SEO and directly related to the success of search visibility. Additionally, we provided technical support with prioritized tickets, user stories acceptance criteria, and clarified requests with developers.

Measurable Business Results

Local SEO Guide helped Mavis successfully navigate their domain migration and execute their business objectives of expanding into new markets and increasing organic traffic.

In July 2022, MavisTire.com migrated to Mavis.com.Mavis.com

Organic Traffic



Source: Semrush



Source: Semrush

Year-Over-Year Comparison

Around, 2 months out, Mavis’ YoY organic traffic growth is back to where it was pre-migration. In July 2021, Mavistire.com had 745,649 monthly users and by September 2022, Mavis.com achieved 759,371 monthly users.



Source: Semrush

Mavis continues to consult with Local SEO Guide and enjoys the benefits of an effective SEO program that drives traffic to their new website. Currently, we are providing our expert SEO insights as they redesign the site and look for new organic search opportunities to generate revenue.

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