About ElevenFifty Academy

ElevenFifty is a non-profit physical and online coding boot camp organization based in Indiana, IL. They offer part-time and full-time courses for coding and help adult students dramatically increase their income potential. ElevenFifty turned to LSG to help them grow in key markets nationally through organic search traffic with targeted personas.

Why they hired us

ElevenFifty had struggled with getting the most out of organic search and realizing its full potential. They had great service but weren’t ranking in the way they should have been so they weren’t seeing the growth they expected. 

The company wanted to take advantage of the increased search demand for remote work and remote courses after the advent of the COVID-19 in order to expand rapidly outside of the midwest. This led them to seek out LSG to help them gain more search visibility, more organic traffic, and convert more key users.

“LSG has been my go-to SEO partner whenever one of my start-ups is ready for organic growth. Recently they developed a strategic content marketing plan for Eleven Fifty Academy that helped us dramatically increase visibility and organic leads in less than 6 months. They basically acted as our outsourced SEO project manager working throughout our organization to implement the program. I would trust LSG with my business because I already have.”

– Scott Jones, CEO of ElevenFifty

What we did

We started with addressing some of the technical SEO issues which hindered ranking and moved on to a strategic analysis of the keywords they were targeting as well as their competitive positioning. Our research allowed us to provide a road map on the keywords that allowed them to carve out niches and target key users they wanted to prioritize while growing.

1. Website Technical SEO Audit

LSG’s initial audit found some obstacles that held ElevenFifty back from getting their share of high-volume keywords. Part of this was due to metrics that impacted their ranking and visibility like First Input Delay and Total Blocking Time.

To address these issues LSG cleaned up the technical issues to make ElevenFifty’s site performance a competitive advantage. This improved the website’s relationship with Google’s ranking algorithm and prepared them to crank user traffic into overdrive.

2. Market and Keyword Research

A competitor analysis showed they were not performing as well as they could have been with their current keyword strategy. LSG started by analyzing over 50,000 seed keywords from top competitors and expanding outward to find the full search footprint. This allowed ElevenFifty to seize missed opportunities by targeting alternative user queries with variations on competitive keywords.

3. Content and Link Building 

After identifying a winning direction for growth and developing new keyword recommendations, LSG began creating content and link building for ElevenFifty. The content production was set at 5 articles per month and ElevenFifty gained between 5 and 10 links per month as well. This drove new traffic and an unprecedented level of success for conversions.

4. Reaching Target demographics

The content strategy successfully drove organic traffic to new levels and expanded Elevenfifty nationally. However, LSG was also able to deliver on ElevenFifty’s ability to zero in on specific market segments they wanted to target. 

They didn’t just need more traffic, they wanted to ramp up the amount of veterans that were taking their courses as a way to readjust to civilian careers. LSG was able to do this by curating content that was captured in featured snippets and also targeting veteran-specific queries.

Measurable Business Results

LSG’s customer commitment includes measuring the results of our work and offering solutions to further improve clients’ SEO. The following business results demonstrate the effectiveness of Reciprocity’s new SEO program. 

Local SEO Guide’s engagement began in June 2020 and progressed after April 2021. Over the course of that time, LSG was able to transform the company’s relationship with organic search. Non-branded search traffic became their primary source of conversions and organic leads.

Additionally, ElevenFifty has successfully expanded nationally and now operates in several US states. They have also helped thousands achieve their dreams of working in technology roles such as cybersecurity, web development, and software development.

SERPs Visibility

In March 2021 EleventFifty had just 371 page 1 search terms and experienced a 1780% increase in page 1 ranking for search queries by January 2021. 

Organic Traffic

Between March 2019 and January 2022, ElevenFifty saw its organic traffic increase from an estimated 916 per month to 10,921 per month (1092%). Additionally, Elevenfifty had sizeable increases in clicks and impressions:

    • 623% more clicks; 
    • 1314% more search impressions


The content production was set at 5 articles per month and ElevenFifty gained between 5 and 10 links per month as well. This drove new traffic and an unprecedented level of success for conversions.

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