by Andrew Shotland, CEO | November 2020

1. The Challenge

Reciprocity Labs is a SaaS company that builds governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software. Its helps companies from health care to manufacturing manage risk, corporate compliance, and data security.

To stand out in the competitive GRC software space, Reciprocity needed to improve its organic search presence. In 2017, they tapped Local SEO Guide to see how it could grow site traffic—and turn prospects into customers.

2. The Plan

    • Technical SEO Audit
      LSG’s review of Reciprocity’s website revealed opportunities to improve page speed and site architecture to make it easier for search engines to find and understand the content.


    • Content Strategy
      LSG identified a strategy to position Reciprocity as a topical authority by researching, recommending, and producing short- and long-form content such as blogs, FAQs, and guides. We found the content gaps where they could rank higher for compliance topics as well as B2B brand recognition. By tailoring content to sales funnel stages, LSG could tie organic search to leads, and ultimately annual recurring revenue. As a value add, LSG advised Reciprocity’s editorial team on building a smooth and accountable content workflow, from writing and editing to implementing internal links and page optimization.


    • Link Building Outreach
      We identified a large number of relevant, high-quality sites that might be willing to link to Reciprocity’s content. Once the content was published, LSG launched a sustained outreach campaign to build awareness of Reciprocity and earn links.


It sounds straightforward, but when you are trying to implement a high-impact SEO program with a fast-moving start-up, it is anything but…

3. The Results

It worked…

SEMRush Page One Rankings

50X Growth
Annual Recurring Revenue

Articles Produced

25X Growth
Monthly Lead Volume

Page One Google Rankings

Annual Organic Traffic Increase

Very Happy CMO

What You Should Do Now

At LSG we like to say “SEO is always the lowest priority…until it’s not.”

If you can’t avoid SEO any longer, get in touch and let’s schedule a time for a free assessment of your business’ growth potential.