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Google Top Contributor Summit 2017

Running Amok at the Google Plex

In November I met up with Google Top Contributors from North and South America for Google’s TC Summit. Here’s ⅗ of my face with some really fantastic humans who like to help others with Google’s stuff.

2017 Google Top Contributor Summit –

A little background: Google’s Top Contributor program is basically a group of hand-picked tech enthusiasts who hang around in Google’s product forums and help. I’m a part of the Webmaster Central Help Forum. We tackle all the stuff you associate with SEO, and then some. It’s wicked fun. I’ve been in that forum since around 2008 and before that in Google’s Sitemaps forum (when figuring out XML syntax was the fresh hot thing re: ~2005/6ish). It’s no wonder I have such a hoppin’ social life, yeah?

So, whatd’ya do?

Day 1 > General Fun


UX Studies


General Sessions


Day 2 > All Things Webmaster / SEO

This day is also known as Ashley’s Other Birthday. It’s a deep dive for Webmaster TC’s that’s chock-full of time with the engineers and product managers working on the tools & algorithms we really care about.



Mobile First Index

And of course, links? What about links to the desktop site when you have a separate site for mobile? Google *should* be able to fold all links to both the desktop/mobile URLs nicely so you get ‘credit’.




More info about the favorite kid in the family –


Google Search Console


Webspam, Safebrowsing, Web Security


So…. Whatd’ya Learn?

Lots of things. All of the things. Details on existing stuff, new stuff, stuff coming soon. I am under NDA on a lot content so I’m limited on specifics I can share, but the TC program is meant to share info between TCs and Googlers so we can all give better help and do better work.


Other Shenanigans

I participate in the TC program because I like to help. I like the people (even the weird ones; especially the weird ones). I love technology and having a safe place to learn. And it feels really good to be recognized by Google. I’m a sucker for recognition and a pat on the back. I really love being able to take all of the goodness and bring it back to my work & my team here. Local SEO Guide cares about giving out really good SEO guidance and solving really tough problems and being a TC has helped prep me to be a small part of the bigger picture.


And now just for funsies

Photo booths. Oh god I love photo booths. And you may wonder, why am I such a jerk that I would position my gigantic head right in front of JohnMu? I don’t know. I just am.

My intrusively giant head

But it’s all good. When I had the chance to join the live Webmaster Hangout that week he got me back.

John’s intrusively giant head

And because I’m a sentimental beast, here are a couple of my fave photos from the 2015 TC Summit.

A Gaggle of Geeks

10/10 cool

srsly tho

The 2013 Summit was the year of the bottle of tequila & a conveyor belt of White Castle burgers (for real). I was invited, with my friend Sasch, to give a presentation to Googlers & other webmasters. OMG! And of course, 2013 was the year I took a pic with Cutts that allows me to photoshop him endorsing pretty much whatever. I take requests. 

Say Anything

Totally legit.

It’s true

2011… there was something about a pink feather boa I vaguely remember. The truth is out there, somewhere, on the internet. And if you find it definitely send those pics my way.

Fun, yeah? If you’re interested in the Top Contributor program – check out https://topcontributor.withgoogle.com/ or start posting/helping in the Webmaster Central Forum. If you’re interested in damn good SEO guidance, reach out to the team here.

The main stage