If you are a current (or should I say “former”) Blueglass client, you are likely reassessing your SEO needs (along with your plans to the attend the Blueglass conference in LA). If so, I’d like to talk to you about how we can help.

We’ve worked on Enterprise SEO projects for some of the largest sites on the Web (8 of the top 100 biggest websites on the planet have been clients).  Our specialty is helping clients solve complicated technical SEO issues while also supplying them with an effective SEO strategy.  Don’t let the “Local SEO” in the name fool you.  We’ve worked on everything from news sites to music sites to sports sites to ecommerce to virtual computing platforms.  And we’ve tackled plenty of Panda & Penguin issues too.  Sure, we help lawyers and auto dealers too, but we love working on sites with 100 million+ URLs.

I like to think of us as the “no frills” SEO consultants.  We don’t bury you with fancy reports you’ll never read.  We don’t just give you the SEO 101 stuff.  We don’t try to pitch you some unnecessary linkbuilding scheme.  We merely help you find solutions for this crazy thing called search engine optimization and we don’t stop until the job is done.

If you’re interested in hearing about what we can do for you please contact Andrew Shotland.

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+Andrew Shotland