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Easily Check the Text-Only Google Cache of a Page

Those of you that regularly audit websites know there are various things you need to check all the time. This can get a little tedious and time consuming. In order to make this a little easier we built a tool to help speed up one of those processes, looking at the text-only cached version of a web page.

Below is a JavaScript bookmarklet for Chrome. What it does is when you are on a page and hit the bookmarklet, it takes you to a text-only version of that page in Google’s cache. This should save some time and remove some tedium from your SEO audits.

In order to install the bookmarklet simply drag the link below labeled “Text-Only Cache” to your bookmark bar and you are good to go!

Text-Only Cache

Kudos to Mike Duran-Mitchell for taking a few minutes out of his busy link building schedule to write some JavaScript.