When a top 10 global retailer wanted to uncover an additional $1B in opportunity from SEO, it turned to LSG’s new Business Intelligence software. Using the latest techniques in machine learning and AI, LSG is pioneering the art and science of scale SEO roadmaps.

Business Intelligence for SEO

How Does LSG Business Intelligence Work?

In order to create a content strategy, you want to understand the size of the opportunity. But often the only way to get an idea of this is to add up the search volume of all the keywords for a target topic. When you are dealing with a relatively small amount of keyword data, it’s not that hard to classify each keyword by topic, but once you start getting into thousands or millions of keywords, suddenly you’ve got a problem that even Google has a hard time solving.

That’s where LSG Business Intelligence comes in. Starting with a seed list of topics, LSG’s machine learning models can quickly discover new related keywords and topics. As we discover more keywords, we run them through our AI systems where they get automatically classified. In this client’s case, we were able to quickly classify 10M keywords across 5,000 local markets. Using third-party rank-tracking data, we can then assess a site’s performance v. its competitors in both organic results and Local Packs. We then turn the data into “Share Of The Voice”* to illustrate the opportunity by topic.

The LSG Business Intelligence report not only shows you where you are both succeeding and underperforming, it shows areas of opportunity where your competitors are relatively weak. This is kind of information is your roadmap to SEO success.

*”Share of The Voice” is a proprietary Local SEO Guide Metric not in any way associated with “Share of Voice” or ”The Voice”