The Definitive Top 10 Local Citation Sources for SEO!

February 24th, 2014

Than again maybe not

Six months ago, after 7+ years of being in business I finally got around to incorporating Local SEO Guide, Inc. A few weeks ago, I thought it would be interesting to create a Yext Powerlisting for the biz and see what happened. Today when I checked the indexation, I realized that given the freshness combined with the low level of activity around that business name, the rankings of the various directories for my business name should reveal the relative SEO strengths of each directory that had the listing, particularly for SEO-related queries.

So without further ado, I give you the definitive, ultra, Mashable-Reddit-Upworthy ready list:

The Top 10 Local Citation Sources for SEO:

  1.  Yelp
  2. Linktown.WCNC.com (powered by MojoPages)
  3. Switchboard
  4. Merchant Circle
  5. Yellowpages.StateJournal.com (powered by Local.com)
  6. Yellowpages.StarAdvertiser.com (powered by Local.com)
  7. SuperPages.com
  8. GoLocal247.com
  9. Wysk.com
  10. FindTheCompany.com

If you want to see the rest of the list, here’s the SERP – remember to use an Incognito Browser.

And I know – the results are biased towards Yext publishers, but if sites like Yellowpages.com can’t even pick up a new business listing within six months, well, that ain’t my problem.


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  • 1 Dan Leibson

    A citation for a news station in Charlotte that syndicates MojoPages data is your number 2 citation? Get with it Google!!!

  • 2 Marc

    This is the worst top ten list I have ever seen.

  • 3 Anita

    I’ve heard of Yext, never used them. Are they good?

    I would love to hear what others have to say about them.

  • 4 Andrew Shotland

    @Marc, Actually this is http://bit.ly/1frNYt0

  • 5 Andrew Shotland

    I think Yext can be pretty useful in certain cases, but I am biased as they are a consulting client.

  • 6 Christopher Glen

    In an incognito window viewed from Canada I actually see the cmac.ws listing for “Local SEO Guide, Inc” above FindTheCompany.com. On the listing page there are 8 links for other big IYPs but none for YellowPages.com. Is YP.com no longer part of the Yext service? Even via the citation finder, I don’t find anything for YP.com: http://www.cmac.ws/find?type=citation&q=925-425-9226.

  • 7 Andrew Shotland

    I don’t think YP.com was ever part of Yext’s network. Like I said, if YP.com can’t pick a new listing up after six months, that ain’t my problem.

  • 8 Gene Maryushchenko

    A little side note for Local.com citations – ping citations if they aren’t indexed. I noticed those types of sites take a while to index new citations and pinging expedites the process :)

  • 9 Andrew Shotland

    +1 Gene

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