“Remove” Link Spotted In Google Instant

August 5th, 2011

Looks like Google is now allowing users to remove keywords from Google Instant previews.  Should help them improve relevance and provide yet more fuzziness about what the average searcher is seeing in the list.  Another fine SEO challenge.

Anyone else seeing this?

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  • 1 Michelle

    Hm, I don’t see this. Any other info on it?

  • 2 Tommy

    I think those remove links are for your own personal search history, bro. That feature’s been in Google for months.

  • 3 Andrew Shotland

    Tommy, never seen it in Google Instant

  • 4 Miranda

    I’ve never seen it either. And yes, I see it now.

  • 5 Gary B

    Like Tommy, I’ve seen it daily for the past few months. It does seem to be based on personal history.

    I take it that you Google ‘flooring Portland’ and ‘flooring in Portland’ regularly?

  • 6 Andrew Shotland

    only today

  • 7 Jim Rudnick

    @Andrew…not up here in google.ca either….can’t get it to ‘show’ no matter if I’m logged in/out, history on/off….

    wonder why ?


  • 8 Chris Reilly

    I’ve seen this for a long time… on searches I’ve done in the past. I’ve never seen it before on searches I haven’t done, nor, interestingly enough, can seem to find it now.

  • 9 Imprezzio Marketing

    I’m only seeing it on searches I’ve done and I’m only seeing it on Google.com not .ca. I use Chrome and I have my home page set to Google.com so it allows me to search from there without defaulting to .ca even though I’m in Canada.

  • 10 Justin Robins

    I see it, but I thought it was just to remove your past searches. Is this not the case?

  • 11 Andrew Shotland

    It does seem like it is for past searches

  • 12 Aliaksandr Isakau

    I noticed that you can only remove the queries you’ve been previously searching for… So this feature seems to be history/cookies related, “Remove” is only showed for the terms you previously initiated.

  • 13 Trust

    It shows up here in Miami when you do searches but I see the same thing as Aliasaandr it only shows remove beside previously typed in searches so it must be cookie dependant.

  • 14 Andrew Shotland

    BTW a bunch of SEO-types (I’m looking at you SEODojo) are telling me I am rube as this feature has been around for 6 months. All I can say is I do a boatload of Google queries every day and this was the first I had seen of it. So sue me. :)

  • 15 Aliaksandr Isakau

    As a matter of fact I saw this feature around 6 month or so for the first time for a few days and then it disappeared on me, I still not sure why its not showing anymore and how to turn it on again, across all 3 major browsers

  • 16 Wesley Wise

    I haven’t seen it. i just tried it now but the ‘REMOVE’ option didn’t show. Do I have to update the add-ons?

  • 17 Ewan Kennedy

    I haven’t noticed anything this side of the Atlantic, Andrew.

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