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Google Top Contributor Summit 2017

Running Amok at the Google Plex

In November I met up with Google Top Contributors from North and South America for Google’s TC Summit. Here’s ⅗ of my face with some really fantastic humans who like to help others with Google’s stuff.

2017 Google TCs

2017 Google Top Contributor Summit –

A little background: Google’s Top Contributor program is basically a group of hand-picked tech enthusiasts who hang around in Google’s product forums and help. I’m a part of the Webmaster Central Help Forum. We tackle all the stuff you associate with SEO, and then some. It’s wicked fun. I’ve been in that forum since around 2008 and before that in Google’s Sitemaps forum (when figuring out XML syntax was the fresh hot thing re: ~2005/6ish). It’s no wonder I have such a hoppin’ social life, yeah?

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