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In-House SEOs & Outside SEO Consultants Have A Lot In Common

In House Out House SEOLast night I attended a gathering of mostly in-house SEOs in San Francisco, many from brands we all know. One of the goals of the event was to provide an open forum to share some of our current SEO challenges to get feedback from each other. It was amazing, or perhaps not, how remarkably consistent the sentiment was in almost every conversation I had:

  • “The C-suite doesn’t (want to) understand SEO”
  • “Design doesn’t want to accommodate SEO” (AKA “Steve Jobs would never do THAT!”)
  • “No one wants to rebuild our platform to make it more SEO-capable”
  • “The only thing they’ll fund is blog posts”
  • “The paid search guys can easily track their performance by keyword. We can’t so they get all the $”
  • “How do I educate the organization about the benefits of investing in SEO?”

To be clear it wasn’t all bitching and moaning. Read On…

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