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Why Is Our Home Page Traffic Soft?!

That’s what a retailer client asked me a few days ago. It was odd because before last week, their home page traffic was killing it. But a quick look at the home page traffic in Google Search Analytics looked like a text-book case of “softness”:
Soft Home Page

Besides the double-black-diamond slope, what was really troubling about this graph was that the majority of the traffic to this client’s home page was for brand queries. So either people had stopped searching for their brand or something else was now outranking them for their brand queries.

Sure enough, when I searched their brand name in Google, the first result was a page called “<BRAND> Locations & Hours Near Pleasanton, CA” – pretty awful (and pretty good strategy for considering the brand does not have a location anywhere near Pleasanton). Here’s an example page for IKEA Locations & Hours Near Pleasanton (note: IKEA is not the client and the nearest IKEA is about 31 miles away): Read On…

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