Foursquare Now On Apple Maps

November 16th, 2015

Foursquare Logo

This had been rumored for a long time but Apple finally made it official. More info on Apple Maps Marketing.

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Posted by Andrew Shotland

Stu MacFarlane Joins YP.com!

October 28th, 2015

Just When I Thought I Was Out

About 12 years ago, I took the 10 from Venice to the 110 to Pasadena and met with this guy at Idealab who had some crazy idea about sharing recommendations for local businesses with his neighbors via the Web. For some reason I bought the pitch and the next thing you know we’ve got 100,000 local reviews, we’re doing a syndication deal with Google Local, we launch one of the first pay-per-call ad programs, we spend way too much time on Sand Hill Road, we relocate the company up to Silicon Valley and along the way I pick up an interest in this weird thing people are calling SEO.

After CitySearch acquired InsiderPages in 2006, Stu went the VC route but couldn’t resist the lure of the start-up and became CEO of iChange which got acquired by Herbalife where Stu ran the company’s Web efforts.

Now he’s joined YP.com as EVP of Consumer Platforms. It’s great to have Stu back in the “Local” game. I am looking forward to seeing how he applies his last decade of experience to YP. And truthfully, I was getting tired of seeing all you other guys at the conferences.

Here’s Stu’s official perp shot:

Stu MacFarlane

If you see Stu at the BIAKelsey conference in December be sure ask to see his #LIB…

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Posted by Andrew Shotland

New Version of NAP Hunter in the Chrome Store

October 1st, 2015

Hey Everyone,

A recent Chrome update broke the export ability of NAP Hunter and we have been hard at work getting it fixed. There is an updated version of the tool in the Chrome Store, and while the bugs aren’t 100% worked out the export function is back and working! Happy hunting!

Dan (not Andrew)



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Posted by Dan Leibson

How To Optimize for iOS9 Spotlight Search

September 28th, 2015

I am giving this presentation this morning at SMX East’s Local Search Advantage Workshop on how to get started with optimizing to show up in iOS9’s search results. The presentation touches on Spotlight Search, Siri, Mobile Safari, Apple Maps and the APIs Apple provides to publishers: CoreSpotlight, NUserActivity & Web Markup. Pay particular attention to how Yelp is spamming Spotlight…

iOS9 Search & Seo #SEODifferent Local Search Advantage Presentation #SMX15 9.28.15 from Andrew Shotland

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Posted by Andrew Shotland

Seriously, Track Your Google My Business Pages

September 15th, 2015

With all the recent shakeups in SERPs/local SEO it’s becoming increasingly important to have visibility into the performance of all your search channels, including local search. I’m a big believer in tracking clicks from a Google My Business page to a website and I’m constantly surprised that this is not something that all local SEO’s are doing. You can create a quick tracking URL using Google’s URL builder tool by following these steps:

1) Put the URL that is your GMB landing page URL in the Website URL field
Add your GMB Landing Page URL

2) Figure out a naming scheme
We usually use “gmb” for the campaign name and “local” for the source and “organic” for the medium (without the quotes). This allow us to more easily roll-up GMB traffic with all other organic traffic (which it essentially is).

3) Fill out the rest of the URL builder accordingly
Completed URL Builder

4) Add your tracking URL to your GMB page(s)
When you are done filling out the campaign builder click “Generate URL” and you will be given a nifty tracking URL to use on your GMB page. It should look something like this:


Now you will be able to see traffic to your website from GMB showing up in your analytics package. If you use Google Analytics it will be in the campaign section, but you can also roll it up in reports and segments using local / organic as the source / medium. A couple of pro-tips before you run off and do this for all your GMB pages:

a) Make sure you canonicalize pages that are using tracking URLs
This will help prevent Google from indexing the tracking URL as separate from the core URL and will also show the pretty URL in a branded search e.g:


instead of


b) Set your URL parameters in GSC
Here we call this double bagging. Google takes canonical directives as suggestions and if you are doing this for thousands of pages it could theoretically pose a duplicate content problem. We don’t want this to happen to you so make sure you tell GOOG that these parameters are just tracking.

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