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LocalSEOGuide.com 2.0 Creative Brief

Q: Why Did We Update The Site?
A: Because The Old Site Sucked, Right?

1st LSG Post

Well, that’s not completely the case, although I had received my fair share of requests (mostly from Pakistan for some reason) to redesign the old site over the years.

Here’s the ready-for-Medium explanation for the ten of you who care:

I launched LSG.com in 2007 after working as an SEO consultant for a year without a site. I used to love to say to prospects “Real SEOs don’t need a website…”. I had my cousin’s wife, who did package design for razors, design it. The design looked like it had been put together in about ten minutes which seemed right for a personal blog about something as geeky as SEO. Over the years I had come to look at that anti-design as an asset. Instead of the typical clip-art, marketing-speak seen on most agency sites (you know who you are), LocalSEOGuide.com made it pretty clear that I was just some guy with a blog who seemed to know a bit about SEO and was so busy cranking up the traffic for clients I didn’t have time to design a damn website. I think this worked in my favor most of the time. Not hard when you are competing against stock photos & buzzwords. Read On…

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