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What’s NYext For Local?

one billion dollars dr evil
Gannett’s announcement yesterday that its ReachLocal division has acquired SweetIQ really pissed me off in that the day after Yext’s* IPO I had a great conversation with a Local vet where I predicted that the success of the IPO would set off a wave a M&A in the Local Marketing Tech sector and damned if I wasn’t going to write an all-knowing post asap so I could look like a genius when it happened.

Thanks to my endless capacity for procrastination Mohannad, Mike & crew have beaten me to the punch (congrats to them btw). But that’s not going to stop me from trying to change the timeline. So here goes (in handy ordered list format to trigger Instant Answers!):

How Will The Yext IPO Affect The Local Search Industry? Read On…

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