Hitler Hears About Google Search Plus Your World

January 13th, 2012

I couldn’t resist.

Update: As of 2/10/12 this video has been seen over 170,000 times.  Achtung Baby!

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  • 1 Dave Oremland

    Very funny. I hat to admit it, but I’m with the guy with the weird little mustache. Damn those empty google + pages. I wanna see stuff from FB and twitter.

  • 2 Greg

    Funny. What was the other issue this clip was used for?

  • 3 David Mihm

    Pure gold.

  • 4 Dana DiTomaso

    That meme will never get old.

  • 5 Rob


  • 6 Cody Baird

    Tight! That was the best 3 mins of my whole week! Thanks Andrew.

  • 7 Calin Daniel

    haha – this is golden! Made my Friday!

  • 8 Jessica Northey

    oh LAWD….I literally spewed Diet Pepsi out my nose, I was laughing so hard when I watched this. PRICELESS! great job!

  • 9 Matt Cutts

    Webmaster always gonna h8
    because SERPS we manipulate
    Done it for so long it’s mind-numbing
    But bend over more is coming.

  • 10 Andrea

    ROFL….if Hitler is alive.. he would really chase Larry & Sergi out of his sight…

  • 11 Keith

    For only your second channel upload you struck viral gold with this one bro. Not too shabby…props!

  • 12 Alan

    +1… oh hell +2, you deserve it. No seriously, you touched on literally every single point about this update right down to Cutt’s saying how great it is and the Facebook IPO. Great job man, really.

  • 13 Bryan Fikes

    Thought about playing this for my team, but then realized they are angry bird fanatics and it could upset the Eco system.

    Nice work Shotland.

  • 14 Don Campbell


  • 15 Gerald Weber

    When I Google “Katy Perry” I expect to see her Facebook and Twitter. LOL


  • 16 Andy Kuiper

    Very creative Andrew – I loved it :-)

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