Google May Have Just Locked Me In…

June 3rd, 2010

I am in the initial roll-out group for being able to upload a background image to Google’s home page. I love it. I love Bing’s amazing photos on its homepage, but I love seeing my daughter cruising down a slide even more:

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  • 1 Michael D

    OK, I think you made a point here. I was not going to bother adding a photo but it looks a lot better than the plain white background. Gonna have to go through my photo album and select a favorite.

  • 2 Andrew Shotland

    If they can make it more like a rotating slide show I think they’ve got a big winner here.

  • 3 bobby

    Still has not hit here and one know when the full roll out is? FWI Favitt does this plus they let you upload more than one pic

  • 4 Jack Ringer

    Not available in the UK as yet. I’m usually lucky to be invited to beta tests and such.

    I like the Bing search pages but don’t like the results – this will swing people that went to Bing back to Google.


  • 5 Jim Rudnick

    and….hold your breath, cause the ‘next’ great “geez, I should’a thought’a that one” app will be a simple browser addon that will allow you to fill up a folder with various fav pix, and then every time you go to google.com, one of same will be used as the background.

    way things work on the web, I’m surprised it aint’ out here already…but it will be!

    ahh…entrepeneurism….a great thing, eh!


  • 6 Tim Cohn

    Great example…

    You can make your theme dynamic by adding more images. A dynamic theme shows a series of images (up to 16) throughout the day.

  • 7 Tim Cohn

    Well I guess that’s for iGoogle themes – kind of the same thing – but not..

  • 8 Tim Cohn

    Ok… got mine loaded too…

    The National Geographic stock items are pretty cool…

    “These images will be available to view and share in Picasa Web Albums.”

    Do you know if Google automagically posts the uploaded images to your Picasa account or is optional?

  • 9 Tom Crandall

    This is a ploy to keep people logged in to Gmail or their Google account!

  • 10 Andrew Shotland

    And it’s working spectacularly well for me

  • 11 Will Scott

    That is fantastic. I can’t wait for the full rollout.


  • 12 Jack Ringer

    Wahey – It’s really nice. I now have a lovely photo of my wife smiling at me

    @ Tom – yes but what a “ploy” from the masters of stickiness


  • 13 personal trainer nyc

    i love the bing home page its cool and google had come p with nice idea for pacman anniversary..its too cool

  • 14 Jack Ringer

    Nice post personal trainer nyc ;)

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  • 16 Alexis

    It’s great but you people on here are crazy. It is just a website get a life.

  • 17 Jack Ringer

    Alexis you are so right – I’ve given up on all this forum stuff but Andrew does, in the main, have a good blog.

    It’s the big SEO blogs that get on my nerves.

    SEO is so easy it’s untrue and I went and got myself a life – well a bell really..

    Spot me outside Harrod’s at Christmas – so much more fun than reading about Bill Gates every fart


  • 18 Alexis

    Like I said, who cares about SEO. Don’t you people have work to do or children to raise. Maybe that’s why kids are so screwed up. They have parents like you idiots who worry about search engines not teaching them about life. They will grow up and be a goober like you.

  • 19 Andrew Shotland

    Ok, Jack, let me know where the Bill Gates Fartracker site is as I will be all over it.

    Alexi, thanks for dropping by. Please don’t bother in the future.

  • 20 Jack Ringer

    Hi – Andrew – Yes I wish I knew I could bottle them and sell them on eBay.

    Alexi may have been right in his thoughts but should really have not chimed in with his comment

    I have lived “SEO” for years and to be honest only every frequent “local flavoured blogs” now as I find the others very, very hum drum

    Bickering about keywords isn’t the life for me ;)

    So I read your blog along with Matt McGee and – em – Matt em that fella from Google and Hobo over here in the UK

    Oh and David Naylor too – All of these blogs I find have no crap :)

    Best Wishes Andrew

    Jack Ringer
    The only SEO Town Crier in the World – Hey it was a good niche :)

  • 21 Jack Ringer

    Pardon all the wanky expressions too

  • 22 Stu

    Good thing your daughter looks like her mom. Otherwise, she’d really be screwed up.

  • 23 Istria

    Nice post, i liked!

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