Give A Little SEO for Christmas 2008

December 22nd, 2008

My readers are too much!  Too much...

My readers are too much! Too much...

Last year I started the Give A Little SEO for Christmas campaign to thank everyone who commented on the blog in 2007, and it’s that time of the year again.  The idea is to throw a link to all of your commenters with their ideal keywords in the anchor text.  It’s the least a blogger can do to show his appreciation to those who have even less of a life than he does and find that pseudo anonymous interactions with other human beings via WordPress is the most efficient and painless way to connect with the rest of the species.  Anyhow if you have a blog I recommend you take a few minutes this holiday seasons to throw some links to your peeps.

I’ll fill this list out over the next week or so, but in the meantime here are some of the Local SEO all stars:

The Worlds Lamest White Sox Fan

Website Promotion Company

Charlotte SEO NC Search Engine Optimization (aka Joe The SEO)

SEO Canada

Organic Search Marketing Company

B2B Marketing Consulting Firm

Online Yellow Pages

Obama Dog

Jewish Wedding Guide

Chiropractor Directory

Connecticut Internet Marketing Services

Duluth Blog

Home Inventory Service

Understanding Google Maps

Portland Oregon Website Designer

Glasgow SEO

Charleston SC SEO

San Francisco SEO & PPC Company

Pyrmont Village

New Zealand SEO Blog (Get Richard to link to you and you will kill in NZ!)

Home Business Marketing Tips

Denver SEO & PPC

Yellow Pages Data

Yellow Pages Data

SEO Tech Blog

Yellow Pages Data


SEO Blog

Web Design Chester

Atlanta Pest Control

Vacation Rentals

Internet Marketing Strategy

Local Search Optimization Netherlands

Yahoo Local

Small Business Online

Ok I’ll finish this later.

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  • 1 Martijn Beijk

    Hi Andrew,

    This is a great idea and a fun way to say thanks to your commenters ( WINK ;-) )

    When will you be joining Santa on his trip back to Europe?

  • 2 Stuart

    Thank you Andrew, a very nice idea, merry Xmas to you too :) I see you did well on the individual anchor texts I visit Winning The Web quite a lot Gyutae is an excellent bloke.

    The question I posted here was on quite an old post from you and didn’t recieve an answer yet, I’ve seen references to you around the web and you are def an expert in local SEO… I have a few questions I’d love to ask you, where best to do so?


  • 3 David Mihm

    Andrew, I am amazed at and totally appreciative of your generosity. What a great idea! I will try to spread some love later this week.

  • 4 Will Scott

    You are too kind sir.

    Now I’ll have to be a copycat just like last year — darn you.

    What’s your link-text du jour? Bay Area Hairdresser?


  • 5 Local Price

    Cool and nice idea. I think I’ll do that to on one of my blogs.

  • 6 Andrew Shotland

    Hey Will,

    The link text du jour is “low cost call conferencing” :)

  • 7 Mark

    Why are most of the links nofollows? Did Scrooge give out this year’s gifts?

  • 8 charlotte seo

    that is such an amazing idea, thanks for giving back man. You set a great example

  • 9 Andrew Shotland

    Mark, Mark, Mark,

    As a loyal lurker I’d have thought you would have noticed by now that all external links off the home page are nofollowed, but they are clean on the post pages.

    Bah humbug indeed!

  • 10 Craig Mullins

    Thanx for the link back Andrew!

    May 2009 continue to bring ya great success!

  • 11 John Harper

    I like to do this a couple of times a year. How come I haven’t run across your blog before the Pleasanton Boat Show post?

  • 12 Andrew Shotland

    Not sure John but welcome to the most happening local search blog in Pleasanton.

  • 13 Henry

    Im not really much of a commenter here, but I really like that you gave back links for commenter and it shows that you care about your readers…

  • 14 Richard

    Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for the mention, hope all is well with you.
    Have a good one

  • 15 Shimon

    Thanks a lot Andrew!!!

    Best wishes in the new year!

  • 16 seadevi

    I’m a little late to the game but would appreciate any link love you could throw to my neighborhood blog Capitol Hill Triangle

  • 17 Neil Street

    How’s about Small Business Online? Quietly boosting the fortunes for small local businesses in the Connecticut area since 2003.

  • 18 Andrew Shotland

    Merry Belated Xmas Neil!

  • 19 Neil Street

    Thanks Andrew! Have a prosperous and entertaining New Year.

    As John Kenneth Galbraith once said:

    There are only 2 kinds of economists. Those who don’t know the future, and those who don’t know they don’t know the future.

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