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Leena Rao tries to make sense of Ebay’s recent acquisitions: t’s no secret that eBay has been heavily investing in a local commerce strategy. The central core of this is trying to capitalize on the $917 million online-to-offline buying market, which Forrester estimates will eventually reach $1.3 trillion (although this number seems low) and account […]

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SmallBusinessShift ponders the challenges of scaling an ambitious SMB SEM play: It’s not that Yext is a scam, although they do have some problems. The bigger issue is that there’s a communication and expectations gap when it comes to these big marketing companies and the businesses they’re serving. Yext, Yodle, etc. all have lots of […]

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Mr. Data

It’s Mr. Data! Making sure your business’ location and services data is up to date across the Web is perhaps the most important thing you can do to help potential customers find you. And the Local SEO Guide is here to help. The sites listed below are some of the most important in the local […]

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Woman Screaming

I am a big fan of figuring out how to get potential customers cost-effectively via search engines and other kinds of sites with a lot of users. I should be – that’s what I do for a living. But what about my friend Sandy who has a small “brief therapy” business and spent a bunch […]

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