Bing Results Are Amazingly Relevant…

May 29th, 2009

At least for one search…

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  • 1 Will Hanke

    Nice result! Congrats

  • 2 Don Campbell

    Nice, Andrew!

  • 3 David Mihm

    Not as “relevant” (har har) as Google, which gives you #1 + sitelinks for that phrase.

  • 4 Andrew Shotland

    Let’s face it David, when you need to make a decision about local SEO, only one link is needed :P

  • 5 Stever

    I have to agree with David. Nowhere near as relevant as Google, where I show up right below Andrew.

  • 6 jlbraaten

    LOL Now you can take advantage of Microsoft’s huge share in search.

    Kidding… #1 in any search engine is great. Grats!

  • 7 Boris

    Hi Andrew,

    I would have to agree with David on this one. You don’t get any site links or two positions in the SERP’s. But still its very nice to be # 1.

  • 8 Stever

    Looks like Bing can’t make up it’s mind. You’re in #3 when i just checked now.

  • 9 Andrew Shotland

    I was speaking with one of Bing’s product managers last night and he was pretty jazzed about Bing’s localization abilities. Stever, my guess is that you are getting the Bing Canuck result. I just need a few more links from the Bob and Doug McKenzie site and I’ll be at the top. Take off!

  • 10 Mike

    I am seeing a lot of ranking jumping around in Bing right now. Guess they are getting things together. Anyone else seeing a lot of the same ranking in Bing that they had in Live. Is it going to be that much different?

  • 11 Max Gates

    Bing is far better than what I expected from Microsoft, its search results are impressive and in some case like “Travel” better than Google even though its only 3 weeks old Search Engine and Microsoft will improve it in upcoming days with features like Twitter in results will only help Bing popularity grow.

    In 4 years first time I have read terms like Innovation with Microsoft. Bing is a challenge for Google who has being taking Search Market for granted and I think It will improve the search results quality further in upcoming months. Hats off for Microsoft they kept MSN alive they said time and time again that they will improve and they have done it.

  • 12 Bing is king

    A little competition is welcomed in the Search Engine market. I’m curious if Bing local search works the same in other countries than US.

  • 13 suze - mortgages

    I am so impressed that you are at the top of Bing. Looking how to get my site there (I am new to this).

    The new Bing does look good.

  • 14 Andrew Shotland

    Well Suze you might want to invest in a website that does not look so spammy to start.

  • 15 Andrew

    Seriously, why are there so many Andrews on this site? Haha. Anyway, that is a nice keyword to rank for. But watch out, I want that spot! The internet isn’t big enough all the SEO people with the name Andrew.

  • 16 Andrew Shotland

    Andrew forget about local seo – the real question for Andrew SEOs is what your ranking is for http://images.google.com/images?q=andrew

  • 17 Chris Carter

    hilarious! great stuff – congrats on the rank…

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