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Cari McGee pens a New Yorker-worthy piece on how Facebook can create incredible social-local experiences as seen through the lens of a woman who was downsizing and needed help moving:

But another friend of hers, (we’ll call her Mary), said, “No, you won’t. I’ll get others to help. No biggie.” And Mary rallied the troops. She called and e-mailed and Facebook-posted “Our friend needs help!” She had a spreadsheet created, shifts posted, donuts and coffee procured, and she was ready.


Not to put a business spin on everything, but can you imagine if a local mover had seen this message and donated their services? The publicity would have been killer.

Via @mattmcgee


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  • Cari McGee  July 3, 2010 at 8:06 pm

    Andrew -wow! “New Yorker-worthy”! This is going to give me a lot of credibility around the house now, so thank you!
    I was really impressed by how I saw all of us coming together to help our friend. How much easier would it have been for Mary Bailey if Facebook had been around during the 40’s!? Thanks again!


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